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    Each correct pick is worth 2round-1 points, where round ranges from 1 to 6. PPR is the Possible Points you have Remaining in your bracket.
    Tiebreak is the absolute value of the difference between your pick for the championship game combined score and the actual score.
    Click a name to view that person's bracket.

    Name Score PPR Delta
    Champion Pick
    Final Four Picks
    First Glenn, then Carl, now UVA?!13001VillanovaTennessee, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
    like if u cry everytime125018VillanovaVirginia, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    Dave119014VillanovaArizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas
    Ryan R.11405VillanovaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas
    Stevie11004VillanovaArizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke
    Caleb110016VillanovaVirginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Kansas
    New England Hope!10902VillanovaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas
    Spuds Web109011VillanovaVirginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke
    Mike G.10505VillanovaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke
    Grayson must be Trippin10303VillanovaArizona, Xavier, Villanova, Duke
    Steve J.10304VillanovaVirginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
    Jim T.10202VillanovaVirginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke
    Bobbi101018VillanovaTennessee, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
    Jason9801VillanovaCincinnati, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
    Kyle9709VillanovaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    This is a baseball tourney right?97019VillanovaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke
    Tim Me.87011ArizonaArizona, Michigan, Villanova, Kansas
    Steven87013ArizonaArizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Kansas
    Seeds (for reference)810140VirginiaVirginia, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    Kelly7806VirginiaVirginia, Providence, Villanova, Kansas
    50 Shades of Grayson Allen74026DukeCincinnati, Michigan, Purdue, Duke
    Dan73021KansasVirginia, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    Ryan A.73029VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    Gary K.7201VirginiaVirginia, Ohio State, Villanova, Michigan State
    Pound Me Too7102North CarolinaArizona, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    Sam J.680141DukeArizona, Michigan, Villanova, Duke
    Nevermind, Shay slipped.66015MichiganArizona, Michigan, Wichita State, Duke
    Will66019KansasCincinnati, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    Brooks65012KansasVirginia, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas
    Paul S.65037Michigan StateArizona, Michigan, Villanova, Michigan State
    Not likely63018DukeTennessee, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Duke
    Brian H.6209VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke
    Stephen B.62020DukeVirginia, Gonzaga, Villanova, Duke
    Jeff C.61010VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas
    James C.61013KentuckyKentucky, Michigan, Florida, Duke
    Hoos Your Daddy?6004VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    Shelly60017PurdueKansas State, North Carolina, Purdue, Kansas
    Pete5906VirginiaVirginia, Xavier, Purdue, Kansas
    Spartans! Prepare for Glory!57019Michigan StateVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    My Anacostia Dont Want None570141Michigan StateArizona, Gonzaga, Villanova, Michigan State
    Oh..Samsonite...Duh56017VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Purdue, Kansas
    Ben W.5504DukeVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Duke
    Chris53021Michigan StateVirginia, North Carolina, Villanova, Michigan State
    Liz53042CincinnatiCincinnati, North Carolina, Purdue, Kansas
    Shay490141Texas TechTexas, Florida State, Texas Tech, Duke
    iwishstevespurriercoachedbasketball4601GonzagaTennessee, Gonzaga, Purdue, Duke
    Bruce46011DukeArizona, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke
    Mark T.46018DukeArizona, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke
    Matt V.46018TennesseeTennessee, North Carolina, Purdue, Duke
    Hanging Brains in Clearwater4309FloridaArizona, Florida State, Florida, Duke
    Kathleen4103XavierKentucky, Xavier, Purdue, North Carolina State
    Matt T.4006Michigan StateCincinnati, Xavier, Purdue, Michigan State
    Baseketball Picks38019VirginiaVirginia, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Michigan State
    Brian B.35014North Carolina StateVirginia, North Carolina, Wichita State, North Carolina State
    Don't Call me for DIFPRO3206North CarolinaArizona, North Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan State

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