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    Each correct pick is worth 2round-1 points, where round ranges from 1 to 6. PPR is the Possible Points you have Remaining in your bracket.
    Tiebreak is the absolute value of the difference between your pick for the championship game combined score and the actual score.
    Click a name to view that person's bracket.

    Name Score PPR Delta
    Champion Pick
    Final Four Picks
    I like to trip and cry11604North CarolinaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina
    Mike G.11404North CarolinaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina
    Melissa11201North CarolinaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina
    Ceiling.Roof.GOAT.109020North CarolinaVirginia, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Brimblecom rigged it109044North CarolinaDuke, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Belly Ball108031North CarolinaVirginia, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Pete10700North CarolinaVillanova, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Ryan R.105027North CarolinaVillanova, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Jason101019North CarolinaDuke, West Virginia, Kansas, North Carolina
    Don't Hate the Playa, HATE Duke100022North CarolinaDuke, Arizona, Louisville, North Carolina
    Raaaaalphhhhhh98019VillanovaVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    T$ Blue Devil Champs980136DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    I Love Manbuns96029VillanovaVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    Kyle89022VillanovaVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    Airline Bound8706DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Louisville, North Carolina
    Jim T.87012GonzagaVillanova, Gonzaga, Purdue, Kentucky
    Steve J.8605DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    Bank's Open84024GonzagaDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky
    Bracket Shmracket8203KansasDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA
    Seeds820135VillanovaVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    The Duchess and Duke8006DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    Miles Bridges over the River Kwai!7906KansasDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina
    Bobbi78031KentuckyVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky
    Brian B.7709UCLAVillanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, UCLA
    Kathleen7508GonzagaDuke, Gonzaga, Oregon, Cincinnati
    The CAT, you idiot!!!7206KansasVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA
    Mimi67012DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Oregon, Wichita State
    Paul S.66027UCLAVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA
    Kelly660136UCLAVillanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA
    GiveUsAnInchAndWeWillTakeAmile64013DukeDuke, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky
    First timer63018KentuckyDuke, Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky
    Caleb63019VillanovaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    Dotcom Does Knee Push-ups.63022DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Kentucky
    Ben W.63025DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Louisville, Kentucky
    Steven6207VillanovaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    so you're saying there's a chance!61020VillanovaVillanova, Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky
    Matt T.6001ArizonaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky
    No Autopsy, No Foul6001DukeDuke, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky
    Put a fork in me60011LouisvilleFlorida, Arizona, Louisville, Kentucky
    Warren60020DukeDuke, Florida State, Louisville, UCLA
    ACC = highly overrated60042KentuckyDuke, Maryland, Kansas, Kentucky
    Yellow Jacket5807DukeDuke, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Kentucky
    Pat56035UCLAVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    Sweep the Leg5505KansasVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky
    Jeff J.54056VillanovaVillanova, Gonzaga, Louisville, Kentucky
    Slingshot Engage.....Shake.&.Bake52018KansasVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    Sam J.49039ArizonaDuke, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    Let the dog pick 'em44026BaylorBaylor, West Virginia, Creighton, Kentucky
    Answer Key44036VillanovaVillanova, Arizona, Kansas, UCLA
    Brian H.4307LouisvilleVillanova, Notre Dame, Louisville, Kentucky
    My 6-Year-Old Son Made My Picks36014MinnesotaDuke, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Minnesota
    James34016MinnesotaDuke, Notre Dame, Louisville, Minnesota

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